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serahmirabeli is a sadistic dominatrix who’s never going to give into your pleas for mercy. She loves to make you squirm and she’s always in the mood to do something bizarre with you. You can’t go into her room and just expect her to give you anything. If you go into her room, it’s so you can give her what she wants. She’s always in charge and that’s never going to change for anyone. She wants you on your knees and you’re going to stay there for as long as she desires it. The most you can hope for is just a little bit of her attention.

She’s a 19 year old bisexual who can make any other woman bend to her will. She stands at 5’ 6” and weighs in at a slender 126 LBS. Her perfect goddess figure measures in at 34-28-36 and her small tits just fill out an A cup. Not that you’re going to see them, though. You’ll have to do a lot of begging to make that happen. She always keeps her pussy neatly trimmed, but she reserves it for the real men who know how to fuck her and you’re never going to be one of them.

She’s ready to make you do all of the things you know you secretly love. She’ll order you to spread open your own ass cheeks and shove the thickest dildo you have deep into your hole. She wants to make sure that you completely understand that you’re the women in this relationship. She’s also going to let you jerk off while she makes you drool over her body. Don’t get too excited, though. She’s going to make you stop as soon as she pushes you just over the edge. The only orgasm you’re ever going to have is a ruined orgasm.

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